The Continuous Research

Throughout the past two weeks, I have been conducting field studies at the farm to gain a perspective on the types of interactions happening in that environment. This resulted in me gaining critical insight on the relationship that nature and animals have on people.

Amanda the Goat smelling my phone screen

I am interested in the psychological impacts that animals and nature have on people as a whole. I want to dive into depth on why people destroy the very earth that is helping them mentally. Why people who litter also use that space to relax and unwind. This will be the direction that I delve into in my future research.

Sahara learning how to do a head tilt 

Before I observed this environment, I hypothesized that the only people who visit the farm would be workers (like myself), and nature gurus. I did not expect to see so many people utilizing the beautiful facility as a place of refuge from this stressful and hectic world. People who visit this sanctuary value their quietness and their space. They use the time they are at the farm to release their mind of all the stress they’ve been carrying for the day. They use the animals as their mute therapists.

I will take all of what I have just written into account when I continue to conduct my research in the near future.IMG_6667.JPG

The Interview

For this blog post, I decided to do something a little different. I interviewed some people that visited the farm, to see how they feel about it. I also went to the farm on a weekend, so this also impacted the number of people that visited. There was definitely a lot more people, so this allowed me to conduct more then one interview.

The first people I talked to were visiting their son from Texas! They came all the way from Texas, and they said they wanted to come see the animals too, not just their son (I thought this was quite funny). I asked them how they felt about the farm, and what they. like and dislike about it. They said that they loved how peaceful and clean it is. “Its almost like your own IMG_9089.JPGuniverse out here. I just love it!”. They also said that they wished more people would come up here more often since it is really such a unique place.

Also at the farm was a mother and her daughter. They were very eager to look at the birds and sheep. The daughter started calling for the sheep and she was very happy when they responded with a “BAHHH”. The sheep walked up to the fence for her to pet them. This shows me that the animals also value the interaction with humans, so it is not just a one sided phenomena. The little girl, (assuming I worked there, which I do), asked me what the pigs names were and she was so excited to call them over. Leyroy, (the male pig), came to her when she called his name, and she was ecstatic. After a while, a long while, they left.

IMG_9096.JPGNext to come visit the farm were two parents and there daughter, who is a student here at Pace. The daughter showed her parents around, and they were in awe of the farms beauty. They kept saying how they loved it and how the daughter was so lucky to have a place like this on campus. She crouched down, eye level to the sheep, and took snapchats, which she sent to her friends. This not only promotes the farm, but it shows great interactions with the animals and humans.

Lastly to come to the farm, happened to be my friend. I interviewed her to see how she feels about the farm. I asked her how often she comes to the farm with her friends, and what is her favorite part about the farm. She said that she goes to the farm quite often with her friends to do homework and to just relax. “I love how I can just sit and relax with my friends and talk to the animals. Its like a safe place for people to come and just think.”

The interviews really helped me to get an inside scoop of what people really think about the farm. People love the interactions they can have with the animals, and they love how peaceful it is. The positive interactions that have been discussed above, really show me how nature is still a valued thing in our industrial society.


The Beauty of an Animal

The farm is always such a quiet and peaceful place, even when there are visitors. Since I go to the farm quite often, I get to see how the interactions between the humans and animals are usually positive. People tend to respect the animals and their beauty, which for me, is wonderful to see.

During this field study, there was definitely a higher number of people coming to visit the farm. People brought family members, which shows how people are valuing the animals beauty and promoting the farm.IMG_9065.JPG

Also, for this study, I went to the farm at 12 in the afternoon, instead of 3, which definitely made a difference on the amount of people who came. 12pm on a Friday is common hour (the time period where no students have class), so more people had free time. This also shows me that during the students free time, they wanted to be at the farm, which allows me to infer that they come here to relax because of the peacefulness of this place.

When I first arrived at the farm, I noticed that there were 3 male students, sitting at the pavilion. While they were smoking, they were also outside enjoying the beauty and the warmth of the day. They noticed the female animal keeper feeding the birds, and they were interacting with her. The 3 male students were telling her that she has an awesome job, and they were in awe when the birds were eating their mice and chicks. The students took snapchats of the birds eating, and posted them on this social media platform, for all of their followers to see. Again, this is a great interaction with the animals, and it really goes to show how people value these beautiful animals.

IMG_8974.PNGAfter the 3 male students left, a jogger came by and walked right up to the birds. He started talking softly to the birds and took videos of them eating their prey. After he sat and watched the animals for a bit, he continued his jog into the woods on the nature trail. This also shows how people value the naturalistic views of the woods and surrounding area of the farm.

This field study allowed me to get a deeper sense about the interactions between the people and the animals. It showed me that people are attracted to the farm because of its beauty and tranquility, and because of how “cool” and unique it is. The animals bring people together and allow for people to express their love for the animals and nature in a safe environment.

Tranquility of the Farm

The farm, in itself, is a remote and quiet place. It is located on a little, peaceful path that leads to complete tranquility. This is exactly why I chose to do my research here. What’s not to love about farm animals in a society that values human development over natural environments? Before heading over to the farm, I made a goal in my head of what I wanted to analyze for the entirety of my research. That goal was to study the human and animal interactions at the Pace University farm.

When I first got to the farm, I had to decide where I wanted to sit to conduct my research and observations. This was a very important part of my research, since I had to find a place where I would not disturb the peacefulness of the farm for the incoming visitors. I decided to sit in a pavilion that has the best view of the farm, and it also gave visitors their privacy.

Picture of farm from the Pavilion where I was sitting

When first arriving to the farm, I was alone to set up and start conducting my research. It was around 45 degrees fahrenheit with a mild breeze, so there was not too much traffic on this day.  The very first thing I noticed was that there is a bird feeder next to the benches for people to come and sit and watch the birds peacefully come and go like a yoyo. This allows me to infer that people value the peacefulness of the birds while taking  a break or doing work. The farm is nothing less then heaven itself.

The second thing that I noticed when I sat down was the liter scattered on the floor of the pavilion. There were about 50 cigarette butts on the floor where I was sitting. This shows a complete disregard for nature. Things like birds and small animals love to get there paws and beaks on these, and this can cause them to choke and die, since this type of liter is non-digestible. When I was there, I noticed only one person smoking, but she went behind the pavilion to do so so that it wouldn’t interfere with the pure beauty of the landscape. While she wasn’t creating a positive animal and human interaction, she wasn’t being rude or disruptive to the wildlife either. This shows that she still values other peoples experiences at the farm and the naturalistic atmosphere for the animals.

While this shows the poor nature/animal and human interactions, I also witnessed some extremely positive interactions as well. (There were more positives interactions then negative ones). For starters, three female Pace students came to visit the farm with visibly good intentions. They went straight to the sheep, (which were sitting near the fence waiting for human interactions) and they started to take pictures. They called the animals names like “cute” and “adorable”, and they discussed with each other about how they love the farm and that they wish to work at the farm someday. This was such a positive human and animal interaction. They posted the pictures that they took of the animals on their snapchats (which is a social media outlet that many teenagers use), which allows other students to become aware of the farm. This is a great way to not only promote the farm, but it shows that people value these animals enough to want to post pictures of these animals on social media that represent who they are as people. Not to mention, a mother and her child also decided to come check out the animals. They walked through the beautiful and elegant nature trail, all the way over to the sqwaking chickens. This shows how parents value the interaction with animals for their children. People still value nature since they want their children to grow up in a world that is clean and full of diverse animals.

Amanda the goat sitting by the fence

While there weren’t as many people as I hoped to see enjoying the beautiful farm amenities, there was still a lot of people bringing positive vibes and interactions to the farm. For my next study, I will be going at an earlier time, and on warmer day. Stay tuned to learn more about the interactions between people and the Pace Univesity Farm Animals!


The First Scent of the Farm


IMG_8873.JPGThere are so many social places in the world, but each one has its own cultures and personalities. By this, I mean that the people that go to these certain social spaces, make the place have its own stereotype, or personality. The social space I will be observing is the farm at Pace University.

When it comes to animals, I have a lot of experience and education. I am an animal guru one could say! I have worked at the farm for a few months now, and I am very interested in studying the human and animal interactions. Since I work at the farm, I have seen many different types of people come by, but I have never really analyzed or put much thought into there presence. What I have noticed, is that there are two different types of people who come to the farm. The first type are the people who generally care about animals, and find that being in their presence is almost like a type of therapy. The other types of people that come are the ones who use that area as a place to smoke. They generally don’t care about the cleanliness of the farm and the environment since they leave all their trash on the floor for small animals and birds to eat and choke on.


I hope to learn more about the types of people who come to the farm, and to analyze their presence more. I want to see the interactionbetween humans and animals more closely, and to see if the Pace community really does care about the farm animals.